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Hearing Technology

Maybe you’ve considered a hearing aid or hearing accessories but you’re concerned with how it will look or if it would really be worth it. You’ll be pleased to know that at Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solution we’ve partnered with modern manufacturers who are creating cutting edge technology to keep hearing aids discreet, comfortable, and affordable! Learn more about the hearing aids and accessories we offer here.

Hearing Aids

All of our hearing aids and accessories are customized to improve your hearing based on your unique needs! You may be surprised to learn there is a wide variety of hearing technology today making hearing aids comfortable, discrete and affordable. It’s important to note that hearing aids can’t restore your natural hearing but they can improve the quality of your existing hearing and in turn help you hear the subtle things you may have been missing! Visit Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solution for your free hearing assessment to see if hearing aids could be beneficial to you.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology is a wireless technology allowing for sound exchange across short distances. It is widely available in so many forms today. Today Bluetooth Technology is used to connect you through your hearing instrument to daily living needs such as cell phones, mp3 players, television, and more. Are you looking for a custom hearing solution for your routine? Bluetooth could be your answer! Contact us today to discuss your hearing concerns.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have become very popular  with the latest advancements. They are easily charged, usually at bed time, simply by placing them in a charger. This is exceptionally helpful for those who have dexterity, and vision concerns. No fiddling with small batteries. Statistics state by 2023 the majority of hearing aid wearers will be using rechargeable batteries.

In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear Monitors, or IEMs for short, are hearing devices that are frequently used by musicians, audio engineers and other audio professionals to hear sound for live performances or recording studio mixing. Television producers and stage performers also use in-ear monitors. IEMs are made custom to your ear and are available in a variety of colours, oftentimes they are clear in order to match the wearer’s skin. If you’re looking for an in-ear monitor solution, choose Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solution.

Musician Filter Earplug

As a musician, your ears are invaluable. Musician Filter Earplug allows musicians to protect their most important instrument. Music can be loud no matter which genre, in fact, if you’re a musician you’re 4x more likely to develop some form of hearing loss or tinnitus. So why take the risk? Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solution is here to protect your hearing with our custom Musician Filter Earplugs allowing you to hear all of the music but at a lower sound level.

Noise and Hearing Protection

We live in a noisy world and sometimes it’s easy to take our hearing for granted, until it’s too late. It is highly recommended that those who work in an occupational environment where stress to the ear is increased be tested annually. By using custom earplugs or hearing protection, individuals will lower the risk of ear trauma. Find out if you’re at risk for hearing loss and what you can do to prevent damage to your ear. Stop by Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solution for your free hearing assessment today.

Swimming Ear Plugs

Swimmer’s Ear (Otitis Externa) is an infection or inflammation in the ear canal caused typically by bacteria. Generally brought on by water remaining in your ear after swimming, allowing for a moist environment aiding in bacterial growth. Swimmer’s Ear can be prevented. At Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solution we custom make swimming earplugs in a variety of different colours and materials to suit your lifestyle. Visit us today to learn more!

Hear from our clients

5 star review

“As a bilateral hearing aid wearer for the last 15+ years I’ve had my own share of horror stories and disappointment when dealing with my hearing. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I have been a client at Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solutions for about 4 years now and I absolutely LOVE this place and I refuse to go anywhere else now. Chris Delagrammatikas always goes above and beyond to deliver a personalised quality of customer service to the likes of which I have never experienced in all of my years. He truly loves what he does and it shows. You would also be hard-pressed to find a better deal on exquisite quality Power One hearing aid batteries! Personally Chris has helped me save around $250/year just on batteries and regular upkeep (ie.tubes/filters/cleaning). In my experience it’s extremely rare to find a place that truly cares about their clients and not just about their bottom line. I never feel like “Just a customer” at Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solutions. I always leave our interactions feeling relaxed, respected and confident that I was being heard & valued.He deals directly with ODSP (and their paperwork) for me so that I don’t have to and the hassle-free in-office repairs and the “Home Visits” have also been a total stress-saver. As you can see, I simply can’t say enough good things about Chatham Acoustic Hearing Solutions and Chris Delagrammatikas and they continue to impress me. I will be a lifelong client. ??”

Melissa M., Google Review
5 star review
“Just purchased two new hearing aids, and very pleased with the thoroughness and help fitting my new devices. Better experience than my first hearing aid purchase. Highly recommend”
Jean Paul B., Google Review
5 star review
“Great people working there! Great service very helpful and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend going here for all your hearing aid needs!”
Abe S., Google Review

Our Great Brands

We offer products from the best hearing manufacturers in the business. From the smallest rechargeable hearing aid to the most powerful in the world!

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